Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things are turning around

I just got featured twice, and joined the Etsy Beagle team, made bank at the Big Art Show, had three sales in three days, and then I got a potential retail offer at a local shop. Sweet! You can find me on the Etsy Love blog and the oh-so-adorable Cupcake Bath Shoppe site. So exciting! Thanks to all for the features and success. Itsy Bitsy is going places!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Etsy is on the air!

Wow, today I got on the forums bright and early (6:30...and I wasn't even up for the baby!), and saw this thread....etsy commercial. What?! So I get my tail over to YouTube, and see this.

So exciting! I once pined for the chance to make it to the front page, but how I wish I were one of the thumbnails in that sweet Time Machine clip

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I'm going to be at the third ever Big Art Show in Baltimore! It's the biggest one in Big Art Show history...three stories of art at the Load of Fun Warehouse....24-HOUR ART PARTY! Whoa! Luckily, we have an excellent family babysitter. Wish me luck! If you're in the area, please do come out. This show is going to be huge. Bands, music, art, and all the MICA students you care to shake a stick at.

Adorn is gone!

I was just alerted by a myspace buddy that Adorn has folded!
Well, it's more like she asked me (one of those random buds that you aren't too entirely sure if you actually know them or if they are just a myspace it was strange getting a random question like that). Anyway, it appears that their site is gone, their doors are closed, and there will be no more Adorn. So sad!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sharing resources...linkage!

I've now instituted a section of handy links. See "Linkage." There's Besty, We Love Etsy, the fee calculator, and Buried Treasury. There's also EtsyBitch if you're looking for entertainment or to gripe, as well as What the Craft, Craftster, and Indiepublic if you're looking for tuts or socializing. Enjoy!
PS - If anybody has any links I should be posting here, feel free to ge in touch, and I'll add right away. Thanks!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Featured Shop!

My latest favorite shop is Maked. Not the the verb/adjective so much as rhymes with naked, their tagline: "Where we expose our handmade crafts." Sweet! Maked is Lisa, Kalin, Rhiannon, and Megan (don't they all have some wicked names??) It all started when Kalin was organizing Vancouver local get-togethers for the folks on craftster, and the four of them were the steadfast regulars. They took their love of craft and developing techniques, started doing shows, and grew into the Maked we all know and love today.
For future plans, I think Lisa said it best: "Future plans fall just shy of world domination. Actually - we just love to craft. We love to get together and get excited about someone's idea and go to town with it. And then sell the result so we can buy supplies to go to town on another project. We've got so many ideas brewing our biggest problem is figuring out what to do next and stopping ourselves from trying to do it all at once. We'd like to get a regular income from our etsy shop so the pressure is off the craft fairs a bit, other than that the goal is to have fun and CRAFT!"
The four are contemplating digging their toes into some animal rescue organizations. They create beautiful, elaborate custom sock monkey creatures (and all kinds of goodies!), and were thinking of donating a portion of proceeds to a worthy monkey-rescue group. Research is in the works!
The Vancouver scene for fairs and shows seems pretty sleepy this season, but plans are brewing for the holiday season already. You can find dates on their website and blog. Among shop favorites...Kalin likes the vintage flower button ring, Megan likes the novel notebooks, and Lisa likes the Delica necklace. Rhiannon was out of town, so we have no idea what her fave is! Short of listing 57 other shops, their favorite Etsy shop is Colleen Baran's. They met when they were next to each other at a craft show, and her work is to die for.
Maked is a wonderful shop with alot of variety. Keep an eye on them, guys!